I am a work in progress, and I am sure I always will be. I truly believe that life's a dance you learn as you go.


While I have always loved photography it was not until my oldest daghter Grace was born that I realized my journey as a photographer was moving towards a career.


Originally from a small town in Western Massachusetts, I love the outdoors, would rather spend the day playing with my two daughters
 { Grace & Lily }  than anything else. Oh...and I am simply unable to take myself or life too seriously.
I prefer natural settings and light for my photographs. If Ihad to put myself inside a box { which is hard because I believe life is truly lived outisde the box }  but if I had to put myelf in a box, I tend toward a more photojournalistic style of photography, candid moments please me the most. I love a photograph that allows you to glimpse the story and emotion of what was happening at that moment.


Since I see photogaphy as an art form you can often find me snapping photos of seemingly random things. I can find beauty a pile of crayons, a handful of marbles, spoiled fruit, fallen leaves or even dirty laundry { of which there is always an abundence in my house! } .  I am still learning and I hope that I always will. There is so much you can do with a camera if you are just willing to step outside of your comfort zone,  let go and shoot.  Sally Mann I am not, but if I could be anybody else.... Sally Mann would be at the top of my list or very close to!