Let me start by saying that I am a total goof. I don't take myself to seriously, life is too short! I truly love children and capturing little moments and big personalities is why I do what I do.  I believe with all my heart that photography should be FUN! When you are laughing and playing around, having a great time it shines through.  And in my experience, you will find those photos are the very best photos, the ones you treasure for years to come! Because I am not very structured and I just click away it may seem that a session is flying by and nothing has really been captured. In truth I  generally take a bunch of photos when you don't realize I am still snapping away lol!


Where do we shoot? Absolutely anywhere you like! I prefer natural light and love to be outdoors!  Love the park? Great lets head there! State Parks, local parks, your back yard, your living room...  My personal preference as I've stated is outside, in nature, but I realize that sometimes, the simple comfort of your own living space is key to beautiful photos. I will say I am not your run of the mill sit and smile while I snap photographer. I love energy and that is why I embrace natural light photography the way I do!!


What should I wear? Clothing can really make or break a great photo! Anything that really expresses who you truly are I believe is great! Lots of layers, fun colors, different textures. Creativity is honestly a huge factor in making your photographs shine!  As for newbies I generally prefer to shoot newborns in their birthday suit and I encourage the use of adorable props if you are into that kinda thing! Feel free to have hats, bows, wraps, blankets, etc. on hand and we can just get creative!  With all of my sessions I am totally okay with multiple outfit changes as well just give me a heads up so I can plan around that.


What Should I bring? I would come along with anything you plan to change into. Also for small babies a complete diaper bag along with anything you typically use to soothe your baby. Snacks for older babies, small toddlers and children are also a good idea as a hungry kiddos are bound to not understandably want their photo taken. Any fun things you want to bring along such as your babies favorite blanket or anything you think would work as a fun prop is totally welcome as well! Even things like children's furniture (a small chair, a rocking horse, or anything along those lines) are awesome! I am totally open to suggestions. Some of the things I have brought or had clients bring in the past include bubbles, heirloom baby clothing, balloons, a wagon, a small children's chair, and even a doll! It can't hurt to bring it out and if you change your mind then at least ya got it right??


What should I expect? FUN!! I want more than anything to not only give you beautiful photos but a memorable experience. I am totally okay with working at your pace. Newborn sessions tend to take longer then other sessions so the time tends to run towards two hours and upwards at times. I promise I am not trying to move in! I am just making sure you get lots of gorgeous photos to choose through. I also ask that with newborn photography you contact me within the first 10 days of life as it is easiest to pose the baby. (Babies sleep much sounder at this age and also tend to be much more flexible.) I also may totally rearrange your home so don't be shocked if I move your couch or take your curtains down! I also don't mind taking time for snacks and to give the kids a break. I know having kiddos myself they are easily overwhelmed sometimes. Sessions on location can be a bit much depending on the weather and the amount of walking so its necessary! I am here to help as well so if you have any questions please don't be shy!


As a side note: Being a mom of two small children I totally understand that there are just those days your little ones are overtired, frustrated, or don't feel like cooperating. I am totally prepared for this and have a ton of patience so I am ready and willing to make it work. We will be sure to get photos you love and if it isn't possible I will happily schedule a reshoot. Also if the weather is starting to look like it isn't going to be optimal for the kind of session we are hoping for I will try to give 24 hours notice before having to reschedule.


Still need more info? Feel free to contact me and ask questions: shelbi@shelbihurley.com